TENCEL™ premium leggings/stockings



This leggings is the premium version of our traditional MODAL® leggings.

The textile has some little invisible stripes for the colour grey & black

What is different from the previous version?

The TENCEL™ fabric is a bit thicker and more elastic (its quality is also superior).
This S M K leggings is truly unique, it has been developed over the years and fittings to get closer to the perfect product in terms of line and comfort.
This "hybrid" leggings is a real innovation; a clever blend between traditional dance tights and yoga leggings.
Since we can't say it's a great love affair between waistbands and us, we've created a new sewing method to allow for a waist without elastic (and our stomachs thank us)! Finally!
The fabric is smooth, ribbed, and super soft (made from LENZING TENCEL™, see below for information about the fabric), and we finished the leg with a raw edge hem to avoid creating unnecessary volume on your lovely ankle.
This item is a MUST-HAVE, and can be worn for dance, yoga, or everyday life! We wear it ourselves daily at the S M K showroom!

About fabric, you may wonder about what is TENCEL™?

TENCEL™ is made from wood cellulose, it is a trademark created by Lenzing group that ensure the sustainability of your Lyocell.
In a nutshell, It s kind of viscose but in a far more sustainable way, here is why:

TENCEL™ is derived from sustainable wood chips, its wood chips used are certified by the Forest Stewardship council

– 99% of the process water is used in closed loop, and god knows how much water & solvents are used in the production of textile, so this is a very important characteristic.
– its production has low ecological impact, it requires less water & energy to produce than most of bio-fiber textiles (such as viscose)
 biodegradable, TENCEL™ can fully revert to nature (but guess what? It actually depends how your country is handling trash, you can have a biodegradable material but if it isn’t in direct contact with soil or water, then it cannot biodegrade properly)
 recycle its own waste to produce electricity and thermal energy, there we go 🙂
– Lenzing is planning to go carbon neutral by 2050, boss goal!
– as a textile, TENCEL™ is breathable, durable & absorbent, we just love the way it flows and shine

You can machine wash your tank 30 degres :)