The story of making costume for stage

Hello lovely readers,
Embarking on this blog adventure, let's chat about my journey in making dance/gymnastics costumes The first time i made costume was in 2018, for two young dancers competition. It was very interesting but more about a brand new experience in this world. At that time i wasn't sure about swarovskis, but i learnt much later on that they are very important for stage light.
In 2022 i created my costume for both clubs & ball gala of the LEAP CHALLENGE CUP.
I didn't have special character to play on stage i made the design based on the colours & texture i ear into the music.
For the clubs, "Hooked on swings" reminds me of red and black with a shimmer texture, showing lots of skin, sexiness.
For the ball, "a part from Giselle Ballet" the music reminds me of flowing water into a dark night, i chose sheer black dress for the lightness with a work around blue and green swarovski.

Wearing those costumes brought me joy. Quick funny story: the ball gown was initially a bit too short, showing more than planned. A quick fix made it gala-ready... :P
In 2023, i performed on "why don't you do right?", a song straight taken out of "who framed Roger Rabbit" movie.
As a kid; i used to watch that movie every summer vacation, and the scene when Jessica sings that song was my favorite.
I watched the movie again before creating the costume and i chose to work more on the breast part.
I made a long black unitard with a beautiful heartshape cut on the chest surrounded by black fringed (to make a little 70´s mood) and of course, a milky way of red and orange swarovskis.

Now, in the winter of 2023, the LEAP CHALLENGE CUP awaits. Crafting a shiny costume for the ball routine set to "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" from Moulin Rouge. Imagining a short dress with a sprinkle of diamonds and a heart shaped cut on the chest. A small mistake – a misplaced zipper causing gentle waves on the back – a little flaw to fix before the costume is done!

Stick around as we unveil the final act of this fun journey. 💎✨