MODAL® striped legwarmers



MODAL® striped Legwarmers
Total length: 65cm
Keeps your ankle and calf warm without excessive sweating ^^

The LENZING MODAL® fabric is naturally gentle on the skin and particularly eco-friendly: the fibers are produced using Edelweiss® fiber technology. Beeches grow through sustainable forestry, meaning the trees grow without artificial irrigation or planting, making beech forests a completely natural and sustainable source of raw material.

More than half of the wood comes from Austria, and the rest from neighboring forests that adhere to current forestry legislation and sustainable, eco-friendly methods.

LENZING MODAL® is the most environmentally friendly and cleanest viscose currently manufactured worldwide. The company follows FSC guidelines and has obtained certification. We advise against purchasing items containing viscose that do not have this certification.
In fact, by using already overexploited forests, these uncertified products contribute to massive deforestation.

Learn more on Canopyplanet.
Textile information credits: Sustainable Textile Hub Machine.

wash at 30 degrees.