Ice printed recycled polyester shorty



High waist recycled polyester printed shorty.
Elasticized waist band belt.
Pockets on sides.
Rounded bottom shape with piping finishing the hems.
High split on hips sides.
Care instructions and fabric composition silicon printed in the back.

This shorty is very unique and belongs to a special campaign that we named:
“ Dancers unite against climate change”

Here is the story:

When i visited Iceland in 2018, i felt lots of charisma from the never-ending landscapes of fire, ice, water, stones & vegetals.
The intense presence of nature & its power captured by inki kang’s camera reveals a clear gap bewteen the world we see and
the world it is becoming.
In 1901, a geological map of Iceland’s Central Highlands depicted the Okjökull glacier as a large swathe of ice spanning 38 square
kilometres. By 1945 it had shrunk to just 5 square kilometres.
Not long after 2005, it was all but gone.
this is very likely the direct result of climate change, and unless things change, this will not be the last glacier to have this fate.

This is why we created our shorty item made of recycled polyester and originally printed with the “Svínafellsjökull”. (authorities consider now the glacier unsafe due to increased melting and have stated no one should go there for any reason)

For every shorty bought, 1.000KRW will be donated exceptionally to an Icelandic association working for the protection of the environment.

Please wash your shorty in wash machine 30 degres.