Classic Ballet Black set


CKVBS Vegan Ballet Shoes (Size)
MODAL® wrapped top (Size)
TENCEL™ sleeved leotard (Size)

Save time & money by getting your Classic Black Ballet set at once :)

Excellent fit, super comfort and more respectful for environment than any other options you could find on the market.

Easy care, those items are washable in washmachine 30 degres (in a laundry net).


Brand new S M K fully TENCEL™ made leotard!
Say goodbye to polyester/nylon or recycled poly/nylon to meet a the softest & comfiest leotard you ever wore (and the most eco-friendly version of our leotards!)

Boat neckline underlined by a beautiful shiny piping.
High rise on the panty-line, covered with shiny piping.
Beautiful low rounded back cut

The fabric is very thin/soft but can show some irregularities due to its natural origin.


Beautiful and elegant wrapped top.
Fitted on the whole body.
Sleek long sleeves, the length of this item stops right at the waist line.

Fabric is soft but thick enough to keep your upper body warm :)


Super comfortable Cynthia King Vegan Ballet slippers

Peta Approved vegan,
-lightweight stretch canvas,
-synthetic split sole,
-enclosed stretch binding,
-u-shaped vamp,
-cushion at the ball and heel

Please make sure to check the correspondance of your size from American size chart in picture below ~

Talking about fabric, you may wonder about what is TENCEL™ & MODAL®?

TENCEL™ is made from wood cellulose, it is a trademark created by Lenzing group that ensure the sustainability of your Lyocell.
In a nutshell, It s kind of viscose but in a far more sustainable way, here is why:

TENCEL™ is derived from sustainable wood chips, its wood chips used are certified by the Forest Stewardship council

  • 99% of the process water is used in closed loop, and god knows how much water & solvents are used in the production of textile, so this is a very important characteristic.
    - its production has low ecological impact, it requires less water & energy to produce than most of bio-fiber textiles (such as viscose)
    biodegradableTENCEL™ can fully revert to nature (but guess what? It actually depends how your country is handling trash, you can have a biodegradable material but if it isn’t in direct contact with soil or water, then it cannot biodegrade properly)
    - recycle its own waste to produce electricity and thermal energy, there we go TENCEL™‚
    - Lenzing is planning to go carbon neutral by 2050, boss goal!
    - as a textile, TENCEL™ is breathable, durable & absorbent, we just love the way it flows and shine