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Animal protection

The brand S M K is 100% vegan and engages itself into animal protection activism.


S M K engages itself to donate 1.000KRW/ clothes sold to the Korean animal protection association KARA.

Local & Transparent production

All our productions are manufactured ethically in Seoul, Korea.

Eco-friendly manufacture

S M K selects materials upon their composition: human-friendly and/or eco-friendly.
Our organic cotton textiles are produced in Korea and certified by the ECOCERT.


S M K recycles left over materials from productions to create handmade plastic free unique packagings & other goodies.

Make it circular

S M K accepts returns of old S M K items in exchange of an eco-coupon (https://sandrameynierkang.com/eco-coupons/). The clothes returned will be upcycled into new unique pieces or as packagings.



S M K works with Kayjune Company, the first Korean organic cotton company based in Seoul. Their cottons are certified by the ECOCERT. In 2011, Kayjune Company got the Great Prize for Textile Quality of Korea as a reward for the high quality of their organic cotton.


S M K produces its collections thanks to the qualitative work of Kim Song-Hee, who runs her own seamstress atelier in  Seoul.

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