Made to order


The option “MADE TO ORDER” allows the customer to request bigger or smaller size on an item by direct connection with the designer.

This option allows people with a certain handicap to request modification of an item to be suitable to their figure or lifestyle.

We encourage you to describe what you precisely expect from that apparel in the “special request” category

  • – “MADE TO ORDER” means that the item would be remade on size M, L or XL at the sample maker room as a unique sample*
  • – This includes a delay of 10 days for manufacturing and 5 days for shipping
  • – The price will also rise up depending on items level of difficulty
  • – We will treat your demand within 24hours and come back to you with a personal email toward your request

Please fill in the tab below with your personal measures (in cm)



*Please note that “MADE TO ORDER” doesn’t mean we will personalize the pattern (except for the people with a certain handicap).

The size tab is a landmark for the brand to catch which category your size belongs to. S M K can personalize the pattern on special request. In that case please specify your request in the “personal note” section.

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