Repair Service

Sometimes your brand-new leotard happens to break because of a size issue or wrong placement. We understand how frustrating it is when that happens to you. Don’t worry, we will repair your item if you contact us and consult your problem with us!

You can contact us for Repair service if…

1. Free repair for a new item with accidental breakdown

e.g. I just received my item and I found out something is wrong!

Life happens, we always double -check our items before shipping to all our customers, however, sometimes in the process of delivery some items could get damaged by odd chances. If you found it out, don’t hesitate to contact us within three days of receiving the product!

Free delivery for pick up & shipping

2. Paid repair service for worn items

e.g. I accidentally broke it but I already wore it a few times.

if it has been less than three months since you purchased the item, feel free to contact us for repair, and we will let you know how we can fix them! In this case, the price may vary according to which part needs to be fixed.

8,000krw for delivery including pick up & shipping

3. Paid repair service for worn items

e.g. I want to change the global design of my item

Sometimes even if you find the right size, you might want to adjust a little more for a better fit. For small changes like shortening the sleeve or hem, we can definitely help you with that. Price may vary according to what kind of changes you want to make, so contact us for more information.

8,000krw for delivery including pick up & shipping

Contact our customer service more details regarding the availability of repair and price.