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Eco Coupons

For SMK garments that you no longer wish to use (or that are too old, torn or anything else), you may return it to our SMK showroom (shipping fee is to be covered by the customer) and we will offer a 20% discount coupon on your next purchase item (only 1 item per returned item).
This discount applies to any SMK product of your choice.*

Let’s recycle more together and reduce the negative impact fashion has on our beautiful planet.

*service only available in South Korea
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    Ship or drop your old SMK products to our office. You may send through your choice of courier. Please make sure to write your name, address, phone number and email address in a note along with the item.

    *Service is limited to domestic (Korean) customers only.

  • SMK

    2FL Jangchung Building, Jangchung-dong 1ga 38-93, Junggu, seoul, south korea 04617

  • +82 10 8998 6920

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    20% discount will be issued to your email after receiving the item. Apply the code at the checkout of your next purchase.

    *One coupon code can be only applied on one item.

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    The returned items will be given a second life depending on its quality. We may either produce a unique upcycle garment or another packaging or donated.

    Whatever the result will be, we ensure you it is much better off than ending up in a landfill.