Pink Ballet dress & Leotard set


TENCEL™ ballet dress (Size)
TENCEL™ sleeved leotard (Size)

Save time & money by getting your Classic Black Ballet set at once :)

Excellent fit, super comfort and more respectful for environment than any other options you could find on the market.

Easy care, those items are washable in washmachine 30 degres (in a laundry net).


Brand new S M K fully TENCEL™ made leotard!
Say goodbye to polyester/nylon or recycled poly/nylon to meet a the softest & comfiest leotard you ever wore (and the most eco-friendly version of our leotards!)

Boat neckline underlined by a beautiful shiny piping.
High rise on the panty-line, covered with shiny piping.
Beautiful low rounded back cut

The fabric is very thin/soft but can show some irregularities due to its natural origin.


Beautiful TENCEL™ made ballet dress. Princess cut with flared skirt shape (shorter front than back). Elasticized ribbons at the waist.

Beware that our TENCEL™ tees aren’t made of polyester or nylon (like other mesh tees), the fabric is very thin/soft but can show some irregularities due to its natural origin.

Talking about fabric, you may wonder about what is TENCEL™ ?

TENCEL™ is made from wood cellulose, it is a trademark created by Lenzing group that ensure the sustainability of your Lyocell.
In a nutshell, It s kind of viscose but in a far more sustainable way, here is why:

TENCEL™ is derived from sustainable wood chips, its wood chips used are certified by the Forest Stewardship council

  • 99% of the process water is used in closed loop, and god knows how much water & solvents are used in the production of textile, so this is a very important characteristic.
    - its production has low ecological impact, it requires less water & energy to produce than most of bio-fiber textiles (such as viscose)
    biodegradableTENCEL™ can fully revert to nature (but guess what? It actually depends how your country is handling trash, you can have a biodegradable material but if it isn’t in direct contact with soil or water, then it cannot biodegrade properly)
    - recycle its own waste to produce electricity and thermal energy, there we go TENCEL™‚
    - Lenzing is planning to go carbon neutral by 2050, boss goal!
    - as a textile, TENCEL™ is breathable, durable & absorbent, we just love the way it flows and shine