S M K is 100% vegan and work for animal protection
The brand is honored to becertified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

S M K selects materials upon their eco-friendly composition. And in sportswear, trust me, it's a hassle!

All our productions are manufactured ethically
in Seoul, Korea.

S M K donates 1.000KRW/clothes sold to the
Korean animal protection association KARA.

S M K upcycles scraps from productions to create
handmade plastic free unique packagings & other goodies.

S M K accepts returns of old S M K items in exchange of an eco-coupon. The clothes returned will be upcycled.


S M K is packing every order following its ZERO PLASTICS policy. Every order is wrapped in an upcycled & re-usable handmade packagings.

But the most precious of our commitment is to make you happy, having a good time doing what we love, and take care of you & any item you order with us <3