Welcome to S M K accessory collection.

Accessories were always part of S M K brand since the very beginning. Finding the right bag for the right activity can be quite a challenging mission, that’s why we created different types of bags in different shapes and functionalities that could be suitable for any sports, dances, dates, week ends or motherhood.
The core idea of this collection is the result of an in-depth research about vegan materials: thick satins and pineapple-leaf leather alternative (Piñatex™) are the roots of our new designs.
Since the beginning, S M K stands for ethical practices, cruelty-free fashion and low-waste production. The values we try to support toward fashion are the main influence on our creative process. The new materials we experimented for our collection embody our desire to make fashion more and more sustainable & respectful of the world we live in. To continue on this path, 3% of benefits on this collection sales would be given to the animal protection association « KARA »* for helping all their volunteers.
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