S M K x SONATA DANCEWEAR capsule collection

As a designer, it’s always a wonderful opportunity to get a chance to collaborate with a well established & powerful brand.
I was absolutely delighted to have this beautiful chance to work with SONATA DANCEWEAR to create a capsule collection made of warmers & accessories.

The inspiration of this collaborative line mainly comes from the outfits worn by New York City Ballet dancers. I created a lovely “couple grand jetté” embroidery design (inspired from the ballet piece “The Nutcracker”) in order to bring to dance outfits a new aesthetic breath as well as a strong engagement into eco-friendly & innovative textiles.
The core idea of this collection is the result of an in-depth research about the materials used. Organic cotton & creora@ fleece were the roots of this collaborative line.

Since the beginning, S M K stands for ethical practices, cruelty-free fashion and low-waste production. The values I try to support toward fashion are the main influence on the creative process. The materials experimented for our capsule collection embody my desire to make fashion/dancewear more and more sustainable & respectful of the world we live in.

Thank you SONATA DANCEWEAR to allow the creation together, to respect & encourage young designers to reach a wider audience <3

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