S M K was launched in August 2014 in Seoul, Korea. The brand creates dancewear & athleisure collections also suitable for daily life.

S M K stands for the initial of the designer: Sandra Meynier Kang. In the logo, the initials are displayed with a symmetrical M, echoing the number “11” which has a symbolic meaning:

  • Strenght
  • Vitality
  • Feminity

Sustainable development is a natural upper priority of the brand: the pursue of eco-friendly textiles and zero waste production led S M K to be creative, not only in design but during the whole creation process.


Hi guys,

I am Sandra, the creator of S M K dancewear, do you want to know my story?

After graduating from Atelier Chardon Savard in 2008, I settled in Seoul as a fashion brand commercial agent and worked in marketing fields for several designer brands.

I was missing creating clothes so I bought a small machine and since my Korean level was 0 (yeah ~ I have been there), I just followed a guy in the subway that was holding seamstress attires to lead me to the textile market.

From there, I was going to start my designer life in Korea.

After a first brand launched that quickly transformed into the first version of what S M K would become, I started to find interest in the way our generation produces and consumes. Researches after researches, books after books, documentaries after documentaries,

I took an oath : if I was going to do fashion, it would only be in a way that people involved are well cared in the process, that our impact on environment is reduced and monitored (from textile to production to packaging to A/S….) and maybe the thing that I deeply feel the most in my bones ; I would involve into other species rights & protection.

S M K wasn’t born in a day, but during all these years, I found a path that finally made sense.

My personal life has changed too (I became vegetarian to the great damn of my husband 😅) and I started a new sport/art: Ballet

As a kid, I was a very sporty girl, doing gymnastics, even when I was a student, my dream was to design for Y-3 or adidas ~ see ~ sports & sportswear have always had a place in my heart ^^

Starting ballet at 30 years old was unexpectedly refreshing and challenging. It inspired me so much, that after a year training, I turned upside down S M K to a dancewear brand, with exactly the same values we carried in the past for women’s collections.

S M K dancewear was born in 2017, the journey only started but what other changes would the future brings? Let’s embrace them all  …

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