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S M K was launched in August 2014 in Seoul, Korea. The brand creates dancewear & athleisure collections also suitable for daily life.

S M K stands for the initial of the designer: Sandra Meynier Kang. In the logo, the initials are displayed with a symmetrical M, echoing the number “11” which has a symbolic meaning: force, vitality, femininity. These are three distinctive features of the brand.

Sustainable development is a natural upper priority of the brand: the pursue of eco-friendly textiles and zero waste production led S M K to be creative, not only in design but during the whole creation process.

Each collection is a new challenge to carry on with sustainable fashion creation.


Every season, Sandra Meynier Kang – designer and director of the brand SMK – tries to lead you into her creative universe, filled with femininity and elegance, but also ethical values stem from her own experience.

After graduating in Paris from Atelier Chardon Savard, Sandra Meynier Kang travelled back and forth between France and Korea.

In October 2010, she made the audacious decision to set up home in Seoul and started to work for French fashion brands and later as an overseas marketing manager for Korean brand such as PLACjeans & CRES. E DIM.

In 2014, Sandra Meynier Kang launched S M K. The brand is now based in the middle of the Korean capital.

Throughout the collections, this French designer strives for sustainable development, eco-friendly production and ethical practices. Considering the important influence of mass-production habits of the fashion market, these exigencies are not easy to fulfil in this particular region of the world. Yet it does not mean it is impossible.

Since fashion design is not only about having a sense of artistic style, Sandra Meynier Kang intends everyday to promote innovative fashion, eco-responsible production and an indivisible respect for every living species. This daily commitment is made up with many little actions like sharing a percentage of the seasonal income with one non-governmental associations or animal activism.

Sandra Meynier Kang also pays really close attention to the partners of the brand. She managed to adjust her designing work, in line with the values she supports & the local creative environment.

2008 – Graduated from Atelier Chardon Savard Paris 
2009.3 –  SU 75 PARIS Designer & Overseas marketing manager
2012 – Placjeans Overseas marketing manager
2012.12 – Cres. E Dim Overseas marketing manager
2014.8 – S M K brand launching

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