S M K was launched in August 2014 in Seoul, Korea. The brand creates dance wear & athleisure collections suitable also for daily life.

S M K stands for the initial of the designer: Sandra Meynier Kang. In the logo, the initials are displayed with a symmetrical M, echoing the number “11” which has a symbolic meaning: force, vitality, femininity. These are three distinctive features of the brand.

Sustainable development is a natural upper priority of the brand: the pursue of eco-friendly textiles and zero waste production led S M K to be creative, not only in design but during the whole creation process.

Each collection is a new challenge to carry on with sustainable fashion creation.



S M K works with a certified organic cotton supplier based in Seoul, Korea, in which the director makes his best effort to understand the needs of the brand.



S M K creates samples in the area of Sindang Dong in Seoul, Korea, thanks to the qualitative work of our sample maker who runs her own sample room.



Animal protection

The brand S M K is 100% vegan and engages itself into animal protection activism.


Buy and manufacture local

Everything composing the collections is made, bought & manufactured in Seoul, Korea.


Social, human and volunteer implication with a NGO association for each collection

S M K engages itself to donate 5% of each collection benefits to the Korean animal protection association CARE.


Components, materials and fabrics are chosen upon their composition & availability in local market

S M K selects available & local materials upon their composition which should be human-friendly or eco-friendly; our organic cotton is produced in Korea and certified by the GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD).

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